Sunday, May 12, 2013

Axis 05/12/2013 Definition of the Day

axis - the center around which something rotates #LetsGetWordy #dailydef #voicedictionary #axis

Axis 05/12/2013 Definition of the Day ax·is noun /ˈaksis/  An imaginary line about which a body rotates - the earth revolves on its axis once every 24 hours An imaginary straight line passing through the center of a symmetrical solid, and about which a plane figure can be conceived as rotating to generate the solid An imaginary line that divides something into equal or roughly equal halves, esp. in the direction of its greatest length A fixed reference line for the measurement of coordinates - the variable that is thought of as a cause is placed on the horizontal axis, and the variable that is thought of as an effect on the vertical axis A straight central part in a structure to which other parts are connected The central column of an inflorescence or other growth The skull and backbone of a vertebrate animal The alliance of Germany and Italy formed before and during World War II, later extended to include Japan and other countries - the Axis Powers #LetsGetWordy #dailydef #Axis
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